An Optimistic Look On Life

One of my friends once told me that he finds it weird, that I’m kind of free-spirited and take everything lightly. I have to say I was flattered and proud because, that’s kind of my aim in life, I like to walk lightly upon the earth (Mimicking John Green :D), I like to marvel in the beauty of the world, I know that this world, this life, is so…finite, temporary. But I still can’t help but like to live.

Though the world is not always so appealing, but, I suck it up; because the world is not a wish-granting factory (Again with John Green!) but it could be, if you make it.

Life is just so fragile, and no one can deny that it’s also precious, we can’t let it slip away. I want to do something in life, I mean, we are here right? Lets just make the best out of it.

Share please.


Please, give it to me my darlings.

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