Cats Are Humans Too

Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second.

The Daily Post asked to reply to their Prompt, and here I am.

Two years ago, a pregnant female cat came in front of our apartment and delivered, and deiced she’d stay. She gave birth to four little sweethearts,  whom I fell in love with almost immediately. And I couldn’t help but name them: Tubai, Roth, Meshmesh and Victoria.

They moved slowly, first sneaking out of the nest, then trying to go down the stairs, then up them.

One suddenly disappeared, and they were 3-month old, the mother would leave them soon, so I had to intervene.

Unfortunately, my mom, allowed two inside the house only, so I made up my mind, I took Victoria, and Tubai inside.

Two month later, Tubai died. And I was crushed, I felt like someone ripped out my heart and stepped on it, shattering it to a million, noncollectable, irreparable pieces.

Victoria, Chillin’ on the bed, with my 11 years of art on the wall behind her, on the wall. Yeah.

Now, Victoria, is asleep in the bedroom. Safe and sound, she’s is a part of my life that could never be replaced. Love at first sight isn’t for humans only.


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