Time Makes Deep

Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

The Daily Post

Memories are one of the keys to our existence and we tend to forget that. We only realize how important memories are when we forget something, and we can’t remember what it is.

But as precious and important memories are, they still have a dark side to them. Just like everything else.

But today, it’s all about the light side of our memories.

Which is better, good memories that are long gone but still carved in our minds, blurry and undetailed. Only they wash over you, coating you with an intense aura of gladness, and glee? Or recent good memories, which you can see in detail, the lips of your friend moving, saying something that made you smile, the hands of a loved one, wrapping around you, caging you in an embrace you don’t want to be freed from. Running tingles all over your body?

Well, the answer here is quite puzzling. (That is in my point of view.)

I believe both are very different; therefore they can’t be compared.

Long-passed memories are very effective in subduing depressing emotions and moments; you don’t need to think of the details. All you’ve got to do is think hard enough, and the feelings will wrap you and it will-and I guarantee it will-ease the pain.

Recent, vivid moments are the best to remember when your at family gathering, at a toast, when you’re telling stories to your children or your love interest, or even in a funeral; these memories will show on your face, you’d feel the love for each and every person as you look in their eyes.

Old, memories, those are for you. Recent memories are for everyone to remember.


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