Excuse My Rude…

When was the last time you really wanted (or needed) to say something, but kept quiet? Write a post about what you should’ve said.

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As I have made a promise to myself that I will right only truth, and absolute truth on this blog. I’m making this post about something personal and really annoying. Only because this is the last time I remember I should’ve fought for myself more. Or maybe it’s because it was a time which really made me feel like crap.

Just to clear things out, it was really no big deal, and if it was anything, it sure as hell didn’t need to be a three day long argument. Which ended up with me having to bite my tongue only because the other party was eleven years older than me. Which gave him leverage.

It was a silly argument about a touchy subject, to me at least. And things wind up after three days of word battling, With me being called a person who lacks natural instincts, or with damaged ones. By someone who has barley spent a year around me, someone who knows so little about me, but can somehow give me a psychological analysis.

But I should’ve said what I thought, I should’ve said to that one person, that he can’t always be right. And that maybe, I had a point, that he just couldn’t perceive; because he was too blindsided by his own opinion. I should’ve said that he had no right to question my god-given instincts. Because they are mine. They are God-given so no one has right to question them, or verify them but God.
And also one last thing; if you have the right to question my natural instincts, why can’t anyone question yours.

It’s a simple relation really; give and take; action and reaction.

I might sound a little extreme, but this really has affected me, in a not so pleasant way. As I was questioned in front of so many people, by so many people whose knowledge of me didn’t-and still doesn’t-exceed a month or two.

I might be young. But I still have an opinion, and I demand it be respected. I’d compromised for a special person. But I’m still-after three months-not happy about it.


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