A Name For Me? Not Quite Yet

Some writers’ names have becomes adjectives: Kafkaesque, marxist, Orwellian, sadistic. If your name (or nickname, or blog name) were to become an adjective, what would it mean?

The Daily Post

To be honest, I don’t think my name’s going to be linked to an adjective any time soon; I haven’t published any notable work and I don’t have a heavy-or light-fanbase. (no offense to my twelve lovely followers)

But I can say that I have a few adjectives of my own, I will ask the closest people to me to describe me in one word. And then I’ll list them with the person’s name:

  • A shoulder
    -Toka, my lovely lovely sister.
  • Loving
    -Mother, my safest home.
  • Confused
    -My second mother; my aunt.
  • Soul Guard
    -Sherouk, my eldest sister, the mother of my light. And my accord.

This is the closest thing I’ve got for an adjective resembling me. I guess later on in life I might as well have an adjective figured out.

But up till now, I’ve got my family’s opinion and it’s more than enough.


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