A Soul’s Treasure

While walking on the beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand — say, a piece of jewelry or an envelope full of cash. What do you do with it? Under what circumstances would you keep it?

The Daily Post

I was wandering on the beach the other day, my pants’ legs rolled to my mid-calf, my shoes dangling from my right hand.

It was a sunny summer day, the sun was a little hot against my skin, the air was salty and droplets of sea water landed on my face every now and then. Children were running around me and tackling each other, pinning each other to the ground. The smooth sand tickling my feet, and slipping in between my toes.

I walked slowly, blankly staring ahead of me. I winced; something hard and round poked the inside of my right foot. I dropped my shoes and grabbed my foot. Below my hurt foot, I saw something glittering in the sun, I looked hard, it was a yellow bell.

Down on my knees, I picked it up, and as I carried it off the ground, it pulled a pink collar from under the sand. It rang as I dangled it between my eyes. I inspected the collar, it had KITTY written on it in dark pink letters.

I shook it, and the bells rang rather violently. A little cat ran towards me, meowing ever so softly. She rubbed on my legs, her fur tickling my bare skin. I tickled her head. She had an abnormally large head, big round yellow eyes, bow-shaped ears and a short bronze coat. From all the Cats 101 I’d watched, I decided she was an Exotic Shorthair.

I carried her, and she purred. I looked around the beach all day, no one knew anything about Kitty. But I’d known so; the collar had been way too submerged in the sand to have been there for only a couple of hours.

And I can’t say I hadn’t been happy about it.

I posted a newspaper ad. And prayed no one would call.

Two months later, no one called. I ran to the newspaper once I got up, almost forgetting to change. And I took down the ad.

Two years later, I’m in my bed, with Kitty,on my lap, reading with me.

I might have not found any treasure that day on the beach, but the little 5 pounds collar led me to what is more valuable to me than all the treasures in the world.


(Disclaimer: This is completely a work of fiction. I do not claim this is a true story. Any correspondence to similar real-life events is not the authors responsibility.)


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