If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?

The Daily Post

Let us take a few seconds to obsess over the the brilliance of this post; I mean, this is one of my most favorite things. Humanoids, hybrids, and all those creepy things.

Back to business. Despite my six-year-old dream of growing up to be a…*Drumroll*…A giraffe. Yes, a giraffe And no, I was not a weird kid. The idea was that if I became a giraffe, I would be able to build really tall buildings so lots of people could live in them— I won’t be a half-human, half-giraffe creature.

I don’t really know what gave me the idea that giraffes can get into engineering school. Or that if they have the proper education, they could build buildings, or draw blueprints, with their hooves. Or that they could even direct workers, speaking their giraffe language. Yes, giraffes have a voice, even if you didn’t think so. They just don’t use it much.

But really, what am I going to be? Let’s see, Ilove birds. And I’d love to fly, and also I’d like to swim like a fish.

So, I’d be a human, with large bird’s wings. And waist-down, I’d have a merman’s tail, and the whole breathing underwater thing.

The animal extensions can be withdrawn, and I’d have the ability to produce bird sounds.

Then I’d be able to fly when I want. I’d be able to see world from above and enjoy the gracefulness of flight. And also, I’d be able to make bird sounds in class and make the teachers go bonkers.

And I’d be able to go swimming for hours. And also, as weird as it sounds, I like to watch the sun from underwater.

So, yes, I’d be a MerManBird, it’s kind of catchy actually.

Good bye, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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