A Soul’s Lament

My knowledge of the poet Maya Angelou is quite limited, as I just learned about her existence a few weeks ago.

But you could feel her grace, and her halo in her work on the spot. I’ve only read a couple of her poems, but they all have a very strong feel to them.

We as writers, dwell on her work in literature only. Whilst she actually has done many more things than that, but we being humans talk about the things that we can relate to. Somehow, the post finds it’s way back to being about us. It’s not selfish but it’s most certainly not selfless.

Humans can’t be selfless.

Maya Angelou, was surely wept for, but that’s not a milestone. I don’t think she would’ve wanted to be cried for. See, tears are our-the living-way of expressing sadness, and love to the departed. But I don’t think that’s how our dead perceive it.

I think that a funeral should be considered a celebration. A celebration of the departed person; to have passed the hard times, and to be moving on to a better place, there. No one knows how there looks like. But sure enough, there isthere.

Maya Angelou was a great soul, may she rest in peace.

I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
-Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou

Indeed you are.


Please, give it to me my darlings.

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