Make Up Your Mind, Brain!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

The Daily Post

I was still not over yesterday’s terrible prompt. But this prompt’s really interesting.

Now, I really am an indecisive person. To the point it’s irritating.

Through the brief course of my life, I’ve fantasized about over 12-13 careers. And to my surprise, only last year was when I decided I wanted to be an author.

I’m going to write about my career choices that stand out the most.

I’ve written before about my dream of being a Giraffe Engineer when I was six. So I’m not going to bother writing about it again.

And was my dream of being a Pediatric. Probably because my father-God bless his soul-wanted a doctor in the family. But I’m not sure why I thought to be a Pediatric.

And then I wanted to be an Astronaut. Because I liked space, or an Astronomer. I always liked to watch the stars, and outer space itself always intrigued me. And it still does.

Ones, I came up with the idea in which my family becomes some outer space scavenging team; because I always loved it when my family was together. The idea was that as my oldest sister is already a botanist, and my brother would be a geologist-he didn’t become one by the way-and my youngest sister would be something I really don’t remember. And I’d be an Astronaut. And we’d also bring our mother along to be team chef.

I had a wild imagination I have to tell you.

Then I was influenced by my sister’s friend who was a dentist. But decided that the craft had way too much saliva for my taste. (Not the best choice of words right?)

And then I wanted to be a full-time Chef.

Then a professional Animator, and work to for DreamWorks Animation. Now that‘s a long-shot.

I also thought of becoming a Fashion Designer. I still sketch dresses my family likes.

And then last year, I started to connect with books. I’ve been reading long before, but, I’ve never connected with books. It all went pretty fast actually, I reread the Harry Potter series, and then got sucked in the fandom life. And formed the connection.

And fandom, brings fandom, brings fandom. And then I read The Hunger Games, City Of Bones. And tons of others. But books started feeling different, giving me vibrant emotions.

And then I found out that I liked to write, and started writing a book. And then I decided to be an Author. And I surprisingly don’t think that it’s such a long-shot. I think I can actually get their.

But, for a couple of months now I’ve been thinking about become a Veterinarian; I love animals.

So yeah, I’ve imagined tons of scenarios, and I like some of them.

Pray for me. And may the odds be ever in your favor.


7 thoughts on “Make Up Your Mind, Brain!

    • Yeah I know, but I’m usually indecisive in all aspects of life and it’s getting on my nerves really.
      But if we’re not to struggle a bit, how would we appreciate our choices.

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