No Sophisticated Words, Just LAME

I just marvel at the lameness (couldn’t find a better word to describe this actually) of the human race.

It has been almost a week since I came back home from Alexandria. And I returned to the vagueness of an internet-free life; the internet had been down for the while I’ve been away-hardware malfunctions-and it was only today that I managed to fix the problem.

During this week, I slept till noon, ate, read, ate, watched TV, stuck some wallpaper to the wall; renovations, ate. And that was that.

But when the internet came back tonight, my sister asked a question, which lead to the first line in this post:

What would we do if we they hadn’t invented computers?

And I answered:

Nothing. We wouldn’t feel like anything’s missing; cuz there wouldn’t have been any PCs in the first place.

And then I thought, computers, laptops, phones and the internet are considered luxuries, and not only if you’re a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs kind of person. Abraham Maslow sounds like a really bland guy. I think that this whole hierarchy is utter horse-crap; he never-to me-kept in mind that time changes, people differ, and that people are humans, they’re in a compulsive way attracted to “shiny” objects. whether it’s a phone, a PC, a book. Humans consist of the things stated in the hierarchy. They can’t simply leave some and take some. Cavemen always fought over land and females, and that’s way at the top the pyramid.

But, on the other hand, some people can’t afford these luxuries. In fact, there are people who consider a proper toilet as a luxury. And more and more.

And it’s impossible to end world hunger. And it’s impossible to fix every tiny thing in the world. We’re just humans and we’re simply lame. Because I almost grew a beard-haven’t even started shaving yet-because there wasn’t any internet for a week.

Humans are lame in many ways, we just keep surprising me with our lameness everyday.


Please, give it to me my darlings.

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