Just…Stop Talking!

Since I started this blog, many of my posts—I’ve come to realize—have a part in which I complain about the superficiality of humans. And listening to Lorde‘s A World Alone, I thought Yes, people do talk too much.

So, I aked myself ,why can’t people shut up about themselves or other people?

Because, humans feed on self-appreciation, earned or supposed. They either talk about their achievements only—you don’t see a man talking about how he lost his job or his wife—or they talk about other people’s failures.

Yes, I don’t like humans. And I unfortunately am like any other human. I like to talk about my ups, not my downs. But I’ve been working on embracing my mistakes and flaws.

Humans look at everything from a wrong angle. People have been dreaming of world peace since forever. They say they want to end wars and unite the world.

Tell me again, HOW THE HELL are you supposed to stop wars while brothers are mocking each other ‘s miss-achievements and mistakes. And for what? Just to feel better about themselves.

I resent us humans. Therefore, I’ve decided that next Monday, I’m going to start my very own first Day of Silence. A day for me to talk with me, about me.


4 thoughts on “Just…Stop Talking!

  1. This touches my own sore spot, and I agree with your philosophy, too. I say or do one thing, and then spend the next few hours dwelling on everything that was wrong about it. -.-; I wish you luck and peace in this endeavor of yours. Can’t wait to hear about the results 😀

    • Yeah! It’ll probably be a little boring for me; because I like to walk around the house singing all day long. (And I can’t say I have a good singing-voice!)
      But, if I’m going to complain about the over-talkative community, I’ve got to get a touch of silence first. 😀

      • You’re right, and I admire your tenacity – it shows you’re a woman of class and distinction – very rare but amazing personality traits that need to be cherished. I’ll be thinking of you sun up to sun down tomorrow.
        (I would join in your fight, but I’ve tried in the past, and my thoughts lead to cringe-worthy memories that make me go berserk. I turn on the music and hum) 😀

      • Oh, thank you, you are SO nice. 🙂
        But, I have to say that I’m not a woman, yes, I’m a man.
        Anyways, I’ll be sure to write a detailed post on this experience the day after tomorrow. 😀

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