Fires Burn Out

As hope’s light dies out slowly but steadily, I begin to think; is it worth the time, the pain, the blood? All those lives lost. Children, teens, elderly. And the reward. Nothing.

Today, unlike any other, I’ve come to deliver words of despair.

Life in my home country is not going to be the same ever again. But the change is not going to be for the better.

It all goes downhill from where Egypt stands, and the unjust murders, arrest and abuses are not going to stop.

It’s not our fault to give up. I for one, Egypt hasn’t given me anything so I would owe it.

It sadness me. And if there’s a bright future for Egypt,, it’s not going to be anytime soon.

Pray for me. And may the odds be ever in our favor.


Please, give it to me my darlings.

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