Whoops…There Goes My Very Limited Sleep Time

Creepypastas, are creepy as hell. If I was one to use swear words, I would’ve used a bunch in that first sentence.

But seriously, I’d first learned about creepypastas surfing Youtube, and yesterday, when I watched a video about them. Will, let’s just say I literally had to sleep with the lights on.

When you’re an easily scared person, like myself, you shouldn’t read about weird pedophiles dressed as bears and haunted video games.

And while I knew that these stories are 99.9% fake, I couldn’t help but imagine The Rake sneaking on me from the dark.

I knew while geeking all over those stories that I would probably not go to sleep that night, but I couldn’t help my obsessive personality and I researched the Google outta these stories, which turned out to be mostly fake. But I still had the fear of it being real for no reason.

A strange place, the human mind.

I didn’t include any links so that the weak-hearted of you are not tempted by the titles.

Thank you for reading, and my the odds be ever in your favor.


Please, give it to me my darlings.

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