Just My Luck!

Today’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). How are you taking advantage of the extra hours of light this time of year? Do you like it, or do you already miss earlier sunsets?

The Daily Post

According to Wikipedia, Egypt is actually part of the Northern Hemisphere. Which is something I had never known until today. Geography is one of the things I simply couldn’t—physically or mentally for the matter—care about less.

The longest day of the year, is a summer day. A hot, sweaty, sunny, boring summer day. I hate summer, I hate every thing about it, the sun, the heat, the pests. Everything.
So, honestly, I couldn’t care less about the length of this day.


From The Aftermath

When you’re sitting calmly in the safety of God. And shouting sounds storm from out your window. That’s when you’re heart beats a little rapidly.

But when you go to see what’s happening, and find your neighbors  running barefoot, holding their babies in their hands. And find that an apartment in the complex in front of yours is on fire. And no one was inside. That’s when you’re heart falls to your feet.

That just happened to me about fifteen minutes ago. The shock itself is very paralyzing. But then, even if I live in this functionally retarded country, my first instinct was to call the Fire Fighters. Which I did. And it took me at least a minute for someone to pick up, after I’d already called the emergency number, and cold voiced man told me in the most bland way “Fire Fighter’s number is 180”. I almost exploded.

My sister was running around frantically with her baby on her hand, putting clothes on and wearing her Hijab. Packing the laptops, mobiles and all her baby’s stuff in one bag, ready to run down the stairs anytime. We didn’t.
I thought of how two years ago, she probably wouldn’t have thought of gathering all those things and making all these arrangements. I was amazed by how much having a baby could change you.

Although the Adrenaline kept me walking, I wasn’t quite sure of my movements. But I helped as much as I could. And in the midst of the shouts, and the smoke clouds, someone broke down the flaming apartment’s door and put out the fire.  A neighbor; the Force wasn’t there yet.

Now, what we all thought was very irritating to me. And I was quite hurt by it. We all thought immediately, if we should cancel the report. What if they came and found no fire. Would they accuse us of claiming a fake fire? Would they make us pay a fine? How much trouble would we be in?

All these questions were asked, and I asked myself, why didn’t anyone else call the Force? And I realized, people just lost their faith. Or they didn’t have a phone on them. Or they were just too dumbstruck.

But in all cases, no one did.

The neighbors told us they put off the fire with an extinguisher. They also said that it was a candle that started the fire. They probably lit it because the electricity was off for about an hour earlier, because the relationship between citizens and electricity is an off-again-on-again relationship.

They told us to kill the report, too.

We tried to call, they didn’t answer. But they came, and I have to say I was pretty surprised, because they came somewhat fast, in comparison to when they never showed up. And we weren’t questioned.

But you’ve got to give it to them, they went to the apartment and checked things out, and left.

But, a question, when will we ever feel safe again? Because I haven’t felt safe, like really safe, in almost two years now.

Pray for me. And may the odds be ever in your favor.