An Insomniac’s Decleration

Recently, I’ve not been active at all. I’ve missed Blogging U assignments, I stopped writing the daily prompts, and I’m not even working on my novel in this wasted time.

This probably due to the nervous stress I’m going through; sleeping is now one of my ex-best friends, he comes by at about 5 am. and leaves at 1 pm. And although this is eight hours of sleep, they’re not comfortable and I’m pretty sure they’re not counted as sleep.

But, yesterday and today I’ve woken up early and I’m trying to fix my sleep cycle.

Pray for me.

And may the odds be ever in your favor.


The Killer In The Crowd

Rain’s making my nose runny, my shirt is stuck to my body and has become transparent in some awkward spots on my body.

I listen to my vintage black and white Wingtip shoes clicking against the paved road. I can’ stop thinking of him. I’d met him when we were six, and since then, we were inseparable. And then I killed him.

My tears are almost indistinguishable from the rain. I killed him with my bare hands, and walked in his funeral. I hugged his mother, and she told me that I was her second son.

I killed him. Why did I kill him?

The red and blue lights are blinding me.