Not Your Occasional Teacher. Unless You Occasional Teacher’s The Most Famous Invader In History

You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you?

The Daily Post

There are so many answers to this prompt, I’d love to see many notable people in history, and I sure as hell would want to learn tons of things from them.

But, right now, I think, I’d want to meet Genghis Khan. You know, that guy who they portrayed in movies—at least in my  country—wearing a tiny metal helmet, with a huge body. Yeah will he was Asian. He was tiny, only he wore huge armors lined with fur and whatnot, so he only appeared huge.

Just for the record, he was born Temujin, not Genghis Khan.

I’ve been studying a book called (DISCLAIMER:This is not an official translation.)The Struggle Of The Egyptian People. Which pretty much talks about all the wars and invasions Egypt has been through, and due to the destructive Egyptian educational system, the Mongol invasion in Egypt has been a little—more than a little, a lot—exaggerated; it seemed to me that we ended the rule of the Mongol Empire. But no, we were only saved because some Mongol guy died, apparently.

But, in studying this, I came to…not like, just, I just felt their Halo. So, dark blue, old, and mighty.

I’d want to meet Temujin, and ask him, as the ruler of the largest contiguous land empire in history, what did he feel, how did he get the nerve to actually rule all those people? What made him what he became? And why did whatever made him Genghis Khan make him think of ruling the world?

Not in anyway is he a good person, and not in anyway does he deserve mercy. But you’ve got to give it to him, he did what almost no one could do, in his 60 years of life.

There are so many dimensions in each of our lives, and history can only capture so much. And although I won’t be learning anything from him directly, I think I’ll filter one or two lessons out of his life.

God, I’m weird.