Taste My Shit…Pie. (A Post Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Your Life. Unless You Live In A Cardboard Box, Not Sure What Would, Actually.)

I have been out of it for the last month or so. By it I mean life. And I have been out of blogging for quite a long time, it seems.

When your anxieties come back to bite you in the rear end after months of freedom, will, it sucksbad.

But when you anxieties come to bite you and you fall in a state of unwillingness to get out of bed, or to go to sleep, or to do anything, productive—or unproductive, for that matter—it sucks, like, big time.

School’s just around the corner, and frankly, the mere thought of having to spend a period of time close to ten months around a number of devolved, sloppy, smelly and idiotically uneducated—the blame falls on the educational system, but also on the stupid students—teenagers, is just…so…disturbing.

I don’t even think I’m going to make it through the semester. Especially with my lack of sleep, and all those extra classes.

Plus, Egypt’s going through one hell of a ride…that only goes down. Only adding to my emotional Shitpie. (Yes, I’m reading The Fault in Our Stars for the third time. Also adding my pie.)

So overall, I’m most probably—Worst Case Scenario—going to have a mental breakdown accompanied by an out-of-place panic attack in the middle of second period. Or—Best Case Scenario—going to have the same things, only at home. And then shut everybody out for a week or so.

Please, if you have any means of uplifting my screwed up emotions, share. *Whispers to himself: Please let it be Harry Potter and Kittens..*



A Legacy, That Never Ends

Today—it’s yesterday now—Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was first published. A little fantasy on a train ride. To think that, that fantasy, would shape generations of children, and generations still to come. Would have been pure madness. But here we are, and I am sitting here, writing about that book my sister got as her 9th birthday present.

Harry Potter made me see things a lot differently. And until now, I try to remember to turn on the light. The word “Always” bears so many meanings to me. It has changed me.

Harry Potter was one of the things that first touched me. And I can say this book taught me a lot of things, it made see things better. It made me accept so many things I wouldn’t even come to understand.

Some people would say that being devastated over the death of an Owl is ridiculous. Or crying over a fictional creature. But, I have to say, I did grow with Harry James Potter, and all those characters. If not for as long as many people. But I did.

Everyone of us has magic in them. But you just have to let it go.

Surreal, beautiful, old, dramatic, inspiring, consuming. All are words to describe it. And to be honest, I can go on till morning light.

All those deaths, in real life and in fiction. All those tears shed. They did not go in vain.

And I always remember, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.