The Cat, Elena and The Towel

Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

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Warning: To all readers, don’t judge this post upon its accuracy or sense-making; for the 1st thing to come to my mind when reading the word ‘Trio’ was Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

It was a hot summer day in the land of Weirdogrounds. Victoria Kit, the black Egyptian Mau cat, was perched on the dewy grass of the Green Hills. She never liked the Summer. Nor did she the sun. But as hard as it was to escape the grip of her loving owner, she managed to take refuge on the—for what ever reason—always cool Green Hills.

Suddenly, a beautiful but sad melody sounded from somewhere not far away:

Oh, the sadness on these hills
Oh, the precious tears
Growing colder by the day
Growing older, and heat fades away
To be punished for no bad deed
To be exiled for being me
Was it my fault? To be made in a none-preservative pot
They left me here, because I wasn’t hot
The humans walked away from me
And now they left me be
I cry my tears
Is it all my fault?
That I want them to eat me

Victoria, annoyed by the sound, walked about the hills looking for its source. And then, a flash of light ran across the grass at Victoria front paws. Unconsciously, she jumped the light, and although she knew it wasn’t physically touchable, she couldn’t resist the urge to catch it. And after a few minutes of jumping, chasing and excited tail wiggling, Victoria hit something with her paw.

Hey, what the sun you cat?”

Victoria looked at the talker questioningly. What the what? She thought.

“You could have spilled me!”

Victoria came close to the talker, and she realized who it was. Well, more precisely, what it was.

It was, The Bawling Bowl.

Victoria toke a few steps away. She wouldn’t want to get mixed with these kind of creepy crawlers.

“You’re a black, orphan and infertile cat. So don’t you even think about looking down at me.” Bawling Bowl said. “I’m Elena, also known as The Bawling Bowl. But you can call me BB.”

Victoria looked at her as if she was a mental defective.

“Yeah, right. You’re a cat, you can’t talk.” BB said. “Sorry.”

Victoria walked to BB, and and patted her mouth with her paw. And shook her head.

“No, I’ll sing Kit. I’ll sing as much as I want. I was left here, to die.”

Victoria smacked the top of her own head with her paw. Elena (Bawling Bowl) was not left to die, she was simply a part of a picnic meal, and she went cold because it’s always cold at Green Hills. So her owners just didn’t eat her, and forgot her, which was shitty. But what can you do. (Most certainly not spend the rest of your life lamenting what could have been.)

“We need a towel. There’s a drop of me on the side of me.”

With Victoria’s piercing vision, she spotted a towel, a beach towel, on the beach. She nodded towards the beach behind the hills.


She licked her and ran towards the beach. BB followed.

And they started the quest to find the beach towel.


Just My Luck!

Today’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). How are you taking advantage of the extra hours of light this time of year? Do you like it, or do you already miss earlier sunsets?

The Daily Post

According to Wikipedia, Egypt is actually part of the Northern Hemisphere. Which is something I had never known until today. Geography is one of the things I simply couldn’t—physically or mentally for the matter—care about less.

The longest day of the year, is a summer day. A hot, sweaty, sunny, boring summer day. I hate summer, I hate every thing about it, the sun, the heat, the pests. Everything.
So, honestly, I couldn’t care less about the length of this day.

The Four Seasons (Not Vivaldi’s)

The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

The Daily Post

Weather changes my mood alright. And not always in a good way.

I love Winter, for simple, and complicated reasons. One is that I simply like winter clothes, and I think they are way more stylish than summer’s. And then there’s the fact that I just like to feel cold. Not in a weird way, just the little chill on my nose. I like that.

And I think that it’s better to be cold than hot; I mean, if you’re cold, you can always put on more clothes. But if you’re hot, how much can you take off, really!

And I just like to stand outside my house, and feel the wind hitting my cheeks, and think about the meanings of life. And my purposes on it. (Way too cliché right!)

Spring is probably the worst season. Ever. I mean the weather isn’t cold,  nor is it hot. And don’t get me started on the allergies.

Summer isn’t always bad. But I just can’t stand the heat. And my clothes stick to me. But I always like to stare at the sun, and feels the warmth on my skin. God this contradicts everything I’ve said about Winter. Sometimes I find it hard to coup with my odd personality(s).

Autumn, I like Autumn. It rains in Autumn. I like rain, so I like Autumn.

But I like movie Autumn better, where the sky is grey and cloudy, and the trees are shades of yellow, the wind picks up the dead leaves and swirls them in the air. That’s the kind of Autumn I want. That’s the kind of Autumn I don’t have.

And all around the year, I try to keep a positive attitude, I try to always be happy, and to see the good in life. If it’s the Winter I love. Or the Spring that I hate, the Summer that vitalizes my Grumpy-Side, or the Autumn that I like better in movies. I like to stay good; because life’s a weird thing, and you just have to out weird it.